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Design Thinking for Educators

About this presenter - Annette Diefenthaler

Organization: IDEO

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About this presenter - Ellen Sitkin

Organization: IDEO

Website: Visit Presenter's Website

Annette Diefenthaler
Ellen Sitkin
Webinar Description

This webinar will give an introduction to the design process and to IDEO’s Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators

Design Thinking is a mindset.

Design Thinking is the confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future, and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. That kind of optimism is well needed in education.

Classrooms and schools across the world are facing design challenges every single day, from teacher feedback systems to daily schedules. Wherever they fall on the spectrum of scale—the challenges educators are confronted with are real, complex, and varied. And as such, they require new perspectives, new tools, and new approaches.

Design Thinking is one of them.

Target Audience

Administrators, Teachers, Curriculum Directors, Technology Directors, Librarians, Instructional Designers, or anyone interested in Design Thinking for Education.

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Date Time
May 10, 2011 3:30pm - 7:00pm

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