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Beyond Textbooks: The Open Content Revolution

About this presenter - Matt Federoff

Organization: Vail School District

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Matt Federoff
Webinar Description

After two decades, the World-Wide-Web is really starting to deliver on the promise of readily available, high-quality content for nearly every subject imaginable. Nearly all of this content is free, and is therefore "open content"...ready to be used, modified, and shared again. With such a vast repository of content available, we need to come up with ways to index and share it that are meaningful to educators and address their specific goals. If these needs can be met, schools can leave expensive textbooks behind and move towards the future of Open Content. 

Target Audience

Administrators, Teachers, Curriculum coordinators, Principals, Technology Directors, Librarians

Past Sessions
Date Time
February 8, 2011 3:30pm - 7:00pm

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